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A security guard tour system that uses GPS, IoT sensors and automation to help you
reduce costs, increase safety and improve service delivery.

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Transforming security services

Our mobile-first patrol management system will help you improve operational efficiency, guard safety, and customer satisfaction.


Improve visibility with live maps that show the real-time location of security guards. Optimize labor and service delivery with heat maps that show where guards are spending time.

Performance reports

Refine investments, lower costs and improve service delivery through security performance reports.


Improve communication with your security workforce through group or one-to-one messages.

Mobile app & forms

Replace inefficient paper-based processes with mobile forms. Security guards can use the guard patrol app to complete patrols, tasks and submit issues in real-time.

Activity feed & alerts

Improve response times with a real-time feed of security activity, issues, and exceptions. Trigger alerts when patrols are missed.

Time Tracking

Automate employee time tracking, validated against employee's location.

Customer success stories

Brosnan Logo

Brosnan ensures live, continuous visibility of officer location and activity.

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Quad Security Logo

Quad Security uses innovative IoT solution to enhance security at Sandhurst Club.

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Chesley Brown Logo

Chesley Brown ensures they have uninterrupted view of patrol location and activity.

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Alexis Logo

Frustrated by gaps in data and inflexible forms, Alexis implements Lighthouse.

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How it works

How Works

The Lighthouse mobile app is carried by security guards and monitors location using GPS, Bluetooth beacons, and QR codes. Location is sent to the cloud in real-time and ensures compliance with security requirements.

The Lighthouse mobile app also allows guards to record tasks, submit issues and send messages. All data collected is translated into powerful reports that help improve the visibility, efficiency, and quality of security services.

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