ROI Calculator

This calculator estimates the return on investment you could realize by managing your service workforce with

How many service workers does
your company have?

We're looking to understand how many service workers would be using the mobile app

How many managers and supervisors
are responsbile for service delivery?

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We're looking to understand how many state/national managers, and how many supervisors (usually site based) are responsbile for delivery of services to your customers.

Are you ever liable for general liability claims at the properties you own or service?

We're looking to understand whether you ever assume any liability for personal injury that a third party suffers as a result of business activities.

What is the total number of claims per year?

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We're looking to understand how many claims your company is involved in per year, regardless of the outcome.

What is the average cost of each of these claims to your business?

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How many hours do managers and supervisors spend on reporting and paperwork each week?

I'm not sure

On average, how many site visits
does each manager make per month?

I'm not sure

Will replace existing
software systems?

What is the total yearly cost of these systems?

I'm not sure

Your potential gains from using

Savings are calculated on using over a 3-year period. Where possible, this calculator is based on real customer data. If customer data is unavailable, then assumptions and figures used are based on industry based research. Your actual results may vary from the results of this calculator.

Settlement reduction savings
System replacement savings
Staff efficiency savings
Reporting and paperwork savings
Manager travel savings
Approximate 3-year cost

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