Push for Service

Use the power of IoT buttons to improve service
delivery and protect your employees.

Area checked
Call for maintenance
Welfare check-in
Panic button
Bathrooms require cleaning
Security assistance required

An easier way to trigger fast responses

Integrate Lighthouse.io with portable WiFi or Bluetooth IoT buttons to drive faster service response, improve employee safety, and send messages.

Request service

Install push for service buttons across your facility and with the push of a button service workers will be notified in real-time of new requests.

Duress alarm

Use fixed or portable IoT buttons as a duress alarm to protect your employees or tenants. Press the button, and a duress workflow is triggered.

Lone worker check-in

Require manual check-in for lone workers or employees working in high-risk environments and keep responders informed and ready to respond.

Call for assistance

Allow customers, employees and patients to request assistance. Pushing the button will notify a responder with the location of the request.

How it works

How Lighthouse.io Works

A battery-powered IoT button is affixed to a physical surface or carried by a mobile worker. When pressed, the device connects to the local WiFi or Bluetooth receiver (including mobile phones) and triggers a new event. This event is transmitted to the Lighthouse cloud service.

The event is received by Lighthouse in real-time and can trigger any action or workflow within the Lighthouse platform. This includes generating a new issue, triggering an exception, notifying a responder or checking-in at a location.

Lighthouse.io Mobile App

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