Indoor location technologies compared: Conclusion

Like everything else in this complex web we live and work in, the right location solution depends on the goals of your program, existing infrastructure and constraints present, and the business case.

Wrap up

We are often asked if BLE beacon technology is here to stay or if it is a passing fad, soon to be replaced by the 'next big thing'. Based on this research, we think it has some pretty clear benefits that, at least for now, mean it will continue to have an important seat at the table. But that doesn't mean that other technologies are null and void either. The future will be integrated solutions that carefully consider the use case and environmental constraints to optimize the outcome.

Final disclaimer: weighing the pros and cons of location technologies can be a massive academic exercise. These systems are constantly evolving with new capabilities, features and price points coming out every day. We have attempted to represent facts and considerations for the average technology consumer and decision maker but engineers and location academics will undoubtedly have multiple points of clarification.

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