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Improve workforce visibility and efficiency
using the power of IoT sensors.


Spotless is Australia's leading provider of integrated facilities services. They perform a range of services covering asset maintenance and management, catering and hospitality, cleaning, facility management, laundry management, mechanical and electrical, security and utility support services.

At several of their public facilities, in particular shopping malls and airports, Spotless are often required to clean at defined, regular intervals. These service levels are known as "loop times" and dictate how frequently an area must be inspected and cleaned.

Spotless now utilises at several of their facilities and are able to efficiently record these loop times using which in turn provides their clients with accurate and meaningful records of the services provided by Spotless.

Cleaning Lady

Business challenges and Spotless worked together to solve the following business challenges:

  1. How can we use data to improve our ways of working?
  2. How can we use data to better utilize cleaning workforce?
  3. How can we eliminate inefficient and inaccurate paper based reporting systems?


Over 500 Bluetooth beacons installed across shopping centres, train stations and airports

Beacons are small battery powered devices that broadcast signals using Bluetooth Low Energy. Smartphones that are nearby listen for the signals, deliver content and capture data.

Mobile Workforce Management
How Works

Beacons were deployed at major sites, including shopping centres and airports. Each beacon corresponded to a service zone and was assigned a loop time. For example, each restroom had a beacon with a 20 minute loop time assigned to it. If a cleaner didn't enter that zone within 20 minutes, the staff member and supervisor was alerted via the mobile app.

Mobile App

Prior to, Spotless employees used RFID wands to track inspections and cleaning of key service areas. Smartphones with our dedicated mobile app replaced these wands. Further, the app enabled proactive notification of service lapses and eliminated time intensive paper based processes. Mobile App Management Console

Management Console

The web based management console helps supervisors and the leadership team manage and communicate with front-line employees in real-time, make informed business decisions about resources and processes, and manage business risks.

" offers an innovative way of reducing business risk and 
the data it creates provides a unique opportunity to understand and optimize the way we conduct our business."

Kristian McPherson - Business Improvement Manager, Spotless

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