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Quad Security uses innovative IoT solution to enhance security services at Sandhurst Club


Sandhurst Club is a place where open spaces meet outstanding facilities, a place where people live and play in an 'away-from-it-all' location, but less than 35 minutes from Melbourne's city centre. A place where lifestyle idealism meets reality. The Official Home of the PGA of Australia, Sandhurst boasts two stunning championship golf courses as well as state of the art gym facilities, swimming pool and unrivalled outdoor space with spectacular scenery, and as such, is home to one of the country's largest lifestyle and residential communities.

In 2017, premier security company, Quad Security, was engaged to provide dedicated security services to Sandhurst club. As part of their commitment to continuous innovation, Quad Security identified an opportunity to use Lighthouse.io to improve the delivery of security services. Since implementation, the solution has provided greater transparency around the provision of security services, improved response and visibility of security related issues, and has eliminated inefficient paper-based processes and record keeping.

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Quad Security and Sandhurst Club had the following objectives in mind when implementing the solution:

  1. Ensure required security patrols are being completed each day
  2. Improve real-time and historical visibility of security guards and activity
  3. Improve response and resolution times for reported security issues
  4. Eliminate inefficient paper based records and centralise reporting

Solution Overview

The solution is comprised of the following key elements;

  1. Network of 24 beacons deployed throughout Sandhurst Club.
  2. Security guard mobile app to record patrols, manage tasks, report issues, complete inspections and communicate with managers.
  3. Web-based reporting to monitor security services and improve performance over time.
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How Lighthouse.io Works

What are beacons?

Beacons are small battery powered IoT devices that broadcast signals using Bluetooth Low Energy. Mobile apps installed on a smartphone can listen for signals from beacons placed in the physical world, like a housing estate. The beacons allow the mobile app to understand exactly where it is, trigger relevant workflows, and collect data for reporting purposes.

Lighthouse.io Management Console

Live Map and Reports

Live maps to quickly identify a guard's location and assign to tasks. Heat maps to help ensure that required patrols are being completed.

Robust and centralised web based reporting that measures compliance with patrols along with records for tasks, issues and inspections.

Mobile App & Alerts

A dedicated mobile app that allows security guards to complete tasks, submit issues and communicate with management.

Faster response times with real-time activity feed and alerts for completed tasks and reported issues from the field.

Lighthouse.io Mobile App


  • Better visibility of security activity across the club
  • Better compliance with security patrols and tasks
  • Faster response times to security issues
  • Eliminated paper based data capture and has centralised reporting

What next?

Given the initial success of the solution, Sandhurst management are considering utilisiting it for the management of cleaning and maintenance services. This will provide complete visibility and better management of all property services at Sandhurst Club.

The Lighthouse team will also be introducing GPS to the solution to improve the visibility and coverage of outdoor security patrols.

"Lighthouse.io is a flexible platform that helps me better manage security services and eliminate manual processes. I'm alerted to issues in real-time and the reports give me the confidence that guards are completing their patrols as required"

William Schwab - Security Manager, Quad Security

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