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Pristine Environments manages, maintains and optimizes the performance of mission critical facilities in nearly 150 million square feet throughout North America. From life sciences, aerospace, datacenters, oil + gas, luxury retail, sports technology + fitness, and commercial real estate, their team of nearly 1,750 professionals keeps buildings and facilities operating efficiently, sustainably and on budget.

Pristine Environments are committed to bringing latest technologies and best practices to manage its properties. As part of this commitment, Pristine Environments implemented workforce management solution,, to better monitor and continuously improve janitorial standards at one of their premium commercial real estate properties.

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Business challenges and Pristine Environments worked together to solve the following business challenges:

  1. How can we improve janitorial service quality using location and activity analytics?
  2. How can we ensure service consistency with systematic alerts?
  3. How can we provide improved visibility of services delivered to the property owner?


80 Bluetooth beacons were installed across a 178,000 square foot corporate campus, with individual beacons positioned at key service zones, such as bathrooms, kitchenettes and entrances.

Beacons are small battery powered devices that broadcast signals using Bluetooth Low Energy. Service workers carry a smartphone with the mobile app installed. The app listens for the beacon signals, records their current location and then delivers content associated with that location, such as tasks lists and service alerts.

Kontakt Beacon Activity Feed

Performance Measurement

To ensure key zones were serviced at regular intervals, loop times were set up in These loop times automatically monitor how long it has been since the last service. If the duration between a service exceeds the loop time, an exception is recorded and staff are notified via the mobile app.

Established loop times:

  • Bathrooms: must be serviced every 120 minutes
  • Kitchenettes: must be serviced every 45 minutes
  • Lockers: must be serviced every 150 minutes

Results has helped Pristine Environments improve how services are delivered, and has shown 6 months of continuous improvement:

Pristine Results

" helped us systematically monitor performance. We conducted weekly reviews of the data, and it helped us dramatically reduce the frequency and duration of missed service"

Kevin Jeffries - Vice President Eastern Region

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