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Lighthouse and Holy Cross transform how cleaning services are delivered in a hospital environment


Holy Cross has been providing high quality laundry and linen services for 130 years, in an effort to enhance their mission to provide employment services to people with a disability and those disadvantaged in the community, Holy Cross Cleaning was launched in 2018.

The founding principles instilled by the Sisters of Mercy in 1889 have always been characterised by innovation, collaboration and professionalism – the inception of Holy Cross Cleaning followed in these footsteps, with Lighthouse being an instrumental tool that launched Holy Cross cleaning services business with an innovative cleaning management platform.

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According to Ian Martin, Operations Manager at Holy Cross, the primary driver for implementing Lighthouse was to support the 24/7 Cleaning Help Desk and improve cleaning response times.

The Help Desk receives inbound cleaning requests from the clinical team at Mater Hospital and needs to respond to these requests within a specified time frame, determined by factors such as location and the risk rating attached to the request. Examples of cleaning requests include patient room turnover, bodily fluid spills, and infectious room cleans.

A timely response to these requests is critical as delays create bottlenecks in the patient journey and increase patient risk. These bottlenecks result in clinical resources being underutilized and less patient throughput - a big challenge for the hospital industry at large.

The Lighthouse software was implemented to allow Holy Cross to more effectively manage the cleaning request process in real-time, improve response times, enhance quality, and increase compliance with contractual requirements.

Other drives for implementing Lighthouse included:

  1. Provide verifiable reporting that supports the hospital accreditation requirements
  2. Assist the infection control and clinical safety teams by providing reports and trends on the number of related cleans across the hospital
  3. Reduce labor costs by capturing real-time information on consumables replenished in public bathrooms
  4. Identify surges in consumable usage which may indicate theft
  5. Monitor cleaning quality and identify/rectify quality issues promptly
  6. Improve communication with the workforce through real-time messaging

The Solution

Lighthouse.io Management Console

Command Center

The Command Center is accessible from any web browser and gives the Cleaning Help Desk a complete view of cleaning operations. They can see where team members are on a map, assign cleaning requests to a team member, and get a real-time feed of all cleaning activity.

Mobile App & Forms

The Lighthouse mobile app allows team members at Mater Hospital to record shifts, manage cleaning requests, and communicate with the Help Desk and supervisors in real-time.

Lighthouse.io Mobile App
Lighthouse.io Mobile App


Mobile audit forms ensure cleaning quality standards are being met across the Mater Hospital. Forms allow attachment of photos, notes, and digital signature.

Dashboard and Reports

Robust web-based dashboards and reports that measure compliance, efficiency and quality of cleaning across Mater Hospital.

View a full list of Lighthouse features here.

Lighthouse.io Management Console

How it works in practice

Help Desk

1Receives a call from the clinical team with a cleaning request
2Help Desk use Lighthouse Live Maps to identify where the closest team member with the right training is located
3Help Desk use Lighthouse to assign the cleaning job to them
4Team member accepts the job using the Lighthouse mobile app and updates the job to “in progress” giving the Help Desk clear visibility of work in progress
5When complete, the team member marks the job as “closed” using the Lighthouse mobile app
6A report is instantly generated in Lighthouse inclusive of resolution time, and the Help Desk is notified
7Dashboard reports and trends enable the leadership team to identify operational efficiencies

Service Staff

1Use the Lighthouse mobile app to record timesheets that populate shift reports in real-time
2Use the app to complete ‘Toilet Checklists’ when conducting cleaning in public amenities. Checklist captures completed tasks, time of service, number of consumables replaced, and any maintenance issues
3Use the app to receive and respond to messages from the Help Desk in real-time


1Use the Lighthouse mobile app to complete customised cleaning audits across the hospital, uploading images, and comments on any areas needing improvement
2Use the app to assign any rectification issue identified through the audit to the service team for resolution
3Access reports on audit results and problem areas that need addressing

Safety and compliance

1Upload toolbox talks within Lighthouse to assess team comprehension of training
2Team members are required to complete toolbox tasks using the mobile app
3The leadership team is able to identify employees that require further training based on the results

How do we know where service staff are?

How Lighthouse.io Works

We use 300+ Bluetooth Beacons installed across every hospital building on campus to identify where service staff are located. Beacons are small, low-cost battery powered devices that broadcast signals using Bluetooth Low Energy. The Lighthouse mobile app listens for these signals and then updates the team members location in real-time.


"Lighthouse.io has provided our team with the tools they need to effectively manage a large workforce and given our clients peace of mind that cleaning standards are at the level they need to be to support the provision of exceptional patient care, and provide a safe and pleasant environment for patients, staff and visitors."

Ian Martin - Operations Manager

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