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Glad and Lighthouse streamline the delivery of Integrated Services in retail


In March 2019, Glad celebrated its newest Integrated Services Team at QIC’s Eastland Shopping Centre. The Guest Experience Team, Security Officers, Cleaning Coordinators, and Maintenance Technicians all work together to create the very best customer experiences. Eastland Shopping Centre is Australia’s 14th largest and has over 13.5 million guests every year.

With a strong commitment to technology and innovation, Glad chose to partner with Lighthouse - a mobile workforce management platform that empowers service teams and improves efficiency and service quality. The Lighthouse platform underpins the delivery of the integrated services at Eastland, and has provided greater transparency, increased compliance, and delivered better quality standards.

Given the results delivered at Eastland, Glad has since rolled out Lighthouse across key contracts to ensure the best possible service outcomes and customer experience. Lighthouse and Glad will continue to work together to demonstrate the power of technology in the delivery of integrated property services.


According to Linden Davidson, General Manager Integrated Services at Glad, the key driver for implementing Lighthouse was to empower the service team to work more efficiently and effectively and thereby deliver a better experience for Eastland visitors.

Specific objectives included:

  1. Leverage cloud software to track compliance with contractual key performance indicators
  2. Improve efficiency and save time through automated workflows and reporting
  3. Empower the team to report quality and safety issues and improve rectification times
  4. Deliver continuous improvement through data and insights
  5. Improve communication with the workforce through real-time messaging

The Solution

Mobile App & Forms

The Lighthouse mobile app allows Security Officers, Cleaning Coordinators, and Maintenance Technicians at Eastland to view and manage assigned issues and jobs, complete tasks and property inspections and communicate with managers and supervisors in real-time. Mobile App Management Console

Live Web Portal

The Web Portal gives supervisors and managers a real-time view of cleaning, security and maintenance operations. They can see where team members are on a map, assign issues and jobs to them, and get a real-time feed of all service activity.

Property Inspections

Mobile inspection forms allow the services team to complete property inspections and audits. Examples include Security Zone Patrols, Cleaning Audits, Equipment Checks and Public Liability Audits. Inspection forms enable attachment of photos, notes, and digital signature. Mobile App Management Console

Dashboard and Reports

Powerful web-based, PDF, and Excel reports help measure compliance, efficiency and quality of service delivery across Eastland. The data and insights help the Eastland management team assess performance and make continuous improvements.

View a full list of Lighthouse features here.

How it works in practice

Help Desk

1Receives inbound service issues or requests from the client or the service team
2Uses Lighthouse Live Maps to identify the best team member to respond to the issue or request
3Uses Lighthouse to assign the request to them
4Team member is notified and accepts the request using the Lighthouse mobile app and updates the job to “In Progress” giving the Help Desk clear visibility of work in progress
5When complete, the team member marks the job as “closed” using the Lighthouse mobile app
6A report is instantly generated in Lighthouse inclusive of resolution time, and the Help Desk is notified
7Dashboard reports and trends enable the management team to evaluate performance and make continuous improvements

Service Team

1Use the Lighthouse mobile app to view and manage requests assigned to them
2Use the app to complete property inspections and log completed tasks.
3Use the app to report cleaning, security or maintenance issues
4Use the app to receive and respond to messages from the Help Desk in real-time


1Use the Lighthouse mobile app to view and report issues
2Use the Web Portal to view performance results and generate client reports
3Access reports on audit results and problem areas that need addressing

How do we know where team members are?

How Works

We have deployed 140 Bluetooth Beacons across Eastland Shopping Centre to identify where team members are located. Beacons are small, low-cost battery powered devices that broadcast signals using Bluetooth Low Energy. The Lighthouse mobile app listens for these signals and then updates the team members location in real-time.


" is the complete package when it comes to managing integrated service across a complex retail environment. The data generated gives our management team full visibility of performance and helps us deliver continuous improvement. It has given our client the confidence that any service issues are identified and resolved quickly, and ultimately helps ensure a safe and clean environment for Eastland shoppers."

Linden Davidson - General Manager, Integrated Services

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