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With over 25 years of experience, Chesley Brown is a leader in providing security management, consulting and advisory services nationwide. Blending boots on the ground with technology to maximise efficiency, Chelsey Brown’s goal is to provide effective, customer-centric security management services.

To improve visibility and accountability of mobile patrols, Chesley Brown implemented to accurately track and monitor officer location.

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Objectives and Chesley Brown worked together to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Improve the visibility of where roving officers are located at all times
  2. Improve service accountability with alerts for missed tours
  3. Reduce risk with verifiable records of officer location and activity
  4. Replace existing wand and mobile tour solution

Solution Overview

The solution consisted of two key elements:

  1. Security guard mobile app to track officer and vehicle location, record patrols, manage tasks, and communicate with managers.
  2. Command Center Web portal to monitor officer location on a live map, receive alerts for missed service and communicate with officers.
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How it works

How Works

Mobile patrols carry a mobile device with the app with passively tracks officer location. When on foot, the app allows scanning of QR Codes at predefined checkpoints. When in vehicle, the app rapidly updates GPS location.

Officers submit activity, report incidents and receive service alerts on missed tours or new communications. All data is streamed live to the management console allowing Chesley Brown to manage their risk and service compliance in real time.


Initially launched across 11 locations for 2 mobile patrols, Chelsey Brown achieved the following results each week:

Following successful implementation, Chelsey Brown are looking to expand the solution across additional roving patrol markets.

"Lighthouse lets us know exactly where our mobile patrols are located and what activity they have completed. It doesn’t matter if our team are on foot or in a vehicle, we can view what tours are complete and where more attention is needed."

Steve Goins - Senior Director of Security

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