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Headquartered in New York City, Brosnan is one of the largest providers of technology-driven security services. With more than 500 years of law enforcement experience, Brosnan protects 500+ locations and 1.5M people nationally every day.

A key component of Brosnan’s technology leadership is their cutting edge Command Center. Across 16 large monitors, management can monitor surveillance footage, vehicle location, social media activity, police and news alerts to pinpoint threats in seconds. The Command Center is monitored 24/7 and overseen by a former NYPD Chief of Intelligence and a former Counterterrorism Commander.

To further protect their customers, properties, and people, Brosnan implemented to ensure they had live, continuous visibility of officer location and activity.

Brosnan Security Difference

Objectives and Brosnan worked together to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Improve officer safety and reduce risk by accurately tracking officer location
  2. Improve service delivery with digital activity logs and systematic services alerts
  3. Improve incident management with real-time recording, notification, and resolution
  4. Be simple to adopt, manage and use across 50 locations for a national customer

Solution Overview

The solution consisted of two key elements:

  1. Security guard mobile app to track officer location, record patrols, manage tasks, report issues, complete inspections and communicate with managers.
  2. Command Center Web portal to monitor officer location on a live map, receive incident reports and alerts in real time and communicate with officers.
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How it works

How Works

A mobile device with the app is carried by all security guards. This application passively monitors the location of guards in the background, whilst also allowing guards to scan QR Codes at predefined checkpoints. This location data is sent to the service in real time, and allows management to ensure they are meeting their service requirements and the safety of their guards.

In addition to location monitoring, the application allows guards to complete inspections and report issues directly via the mobile application.


Launched at over 80+ locations across North America, Brosnan Risk achieved the following daily results:


Analyzing incident and activity across all locations, Brosnan Risk found:

Brosnan Risk leverage these insights to optimize resource allocation,
improve safety procedures and mitigate risks.

"Lighthouse helps us protect the safety of our people, customers and properties. Using the live map and mobile reporting, our Command Center can rapidly monitor and respond to any incident across the country."

Patrick Brosnan Jr. - Vice President, Operations & Technology

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