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Lighthouse is a workforce management platform that provides complete visibility of your team, mobile forms and workflows, and powerful reports that improve service delivery and reduce costs.

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Improving service delivery across the globe

Full visibility of your workforceKnow where your workers and assets are at all times. Get alerted about service failures in real-time. Use data to improve operational efficiency and control costs.
Improve service qualityEasily monitor the quality of services delivered by your workforce. Use data to proactively address quality issues and increase customer satisfaction.
Drive workforce efficiencyImprove utilization of your workforce with automated workflows and alerts. Replace paper with mobile content and forms filtered by location.
Improve safety and complianceKnow where your workers and contractors are at all times improving safety and reducing risk. Capture evidence of safety compliance to reduce liability.

" offers an innovative way of reducing business risk and 
the data it creates provides a unique opportunity to understand and optimize the way we conduct our business."

Kristian McPherson - Business Improvement Manager, Spotless

Built to help service organizations improve delivery combines cloud, mobile, and location technologies to drive better productivity, compliance, and service quality from your workforce.

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Mobile Workforce Management

Case Studies

Spotless Logo

Australia's largest facility service provider drives visibility and efficiency.

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Glad Logo

Glad and Lighthouse streamline the delivery of Integrated Services in retail.

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Pristine Environments Logo

Pristine Environments uses data & location to improve service compliance by 30%.

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Chesley Brown Logo

Chesley Brown ensures they have uninterrupted view of patrol location and activity.

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