Connecting the physical world with digital experiences

Lighthouse uses beacons to help deliver content and experiences
based on proximity to things in the physical world.

Transforming the world around us

Lighthouse makes creating seamless iBeacon experiences a breeze. See how our platform can transform the way you do business:

Provide contextual intelligence and insights for your enterprise

  • Collect data on movement and flow of employees and guests throughout your buildings.
  • Track and easily locate high value assets as they move through a site or building.
  • Present targeted information, media and alerts to employees based on their exact location within a site or building.

Create next generation retail experiences that drive results

  • Increase store traffic by delivering notifications as people walk past your stores.
  • Influence in-store conversion by delivering targeted offers and content as people browse your products.
  • Enhance the in-store experience by delivering value added features such as product information, loyalty and customer service.

Create truly unique and engaging event experiences

  • Deliver electronic tickets and welcome messages as people arrive at your event.
  • Use beacons to provide directions to event locations, features or seating.
  • Use beacons to manage your guest list and get advanced attendee analytics such as visits, visit duration and event hot spots.

Transform how tourists experience & engage with a destination

  • Offer mobile-guided discovery tours and tourism information based on a person's exact location.
  • Augment key tourism destinations and landmarks with additional media such as video and images.
  • Drive traffic to tourism businesses and operators by delivering special offers and deals based on a person's exact location.

Create seamless & integrated travel experiences

  • Deliver transport timetable information based on a person's exact location.
  • Deliver automated ticketing and boarding passes to a person's phone at the right time and place.
  • Provide real-time status updates to travellers based on their current location.

Deliver highly targeted location based messages

  • Setup a network of beacons at your location and use to deliver targeted ads for your business as well as third party advertisers.
  • Augment real world and ambient advertising with digital experiences on a person's mobile device.
  • Use beacons to transfer information such as coupons from static advertising to a person's mobile device.

What we offer

Lighthouse provides you with everything you need to deliver highly targeted, proximity-based content through your mobile app.

Content Delivery

Compose and schedule campaigns, manage your locations, and target based on a person's proximity to your venue, store or products.

Real world analytics

Review and optimise your venue traffic and mobile campaigns using key metrics such as visits, average time in venue, notifications and conversions.

Beacon Manager

Makes managing your beacons and distribution process a breeze. Simply download the app, scan your beacons and assign them to locations or zones.

App integration

The Lighthouse SDK for iOS and Android allows you to seamlessly transform your existing mobile app into a powerful mobile marketing platform.

Custom solutions

Looking for a custom beacon solution? Our mobile experts can develop a custom version of Lighthouse that will meet your specific business requirements.

App development

Don't have an app to integrate with Lighthouse? We have a team of leading mobile experts ready to help define and build your iOS or Android app.

Want to know more about Lighthouse or how beacon technology can help your business? Get in touch.

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